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How to Navigate this (Crazy, Deranged, She's Clearly Obsessed) Website

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I figured before I got any further into this madness, I'd break it down for you.

You're watching an episode. They reference something you don't understand. You come here. Instant knowledge.

Lol jk. Okay forreal this time.


Either clicking on season, or clicking a season in the drop-down panel will lead you to the same thing. From there, simply select the episode you'd like to inquire about and that will take you to the episode page. This is your main source of information. You can get to any reference from here.

  • The episode run-through is simply everything referenced in the order of which it appeared in the episode.

  • The Glossary section is most of those references briefly described (I say briefly because the detailed versions are on separate pages).

  • Keep scrolling down and you can then refer to a comprehensive episode index: first in categories, then alphabetized.

That's it! Now, if you're like me, here's where it gets fun. IF YOU WANT DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS OF ANYTHING, refer to the top of your episode guide and find the fun colored words. There are 7 categories (literature, locations, film, music, pop culture, quotes, and vocabulary). Clicking on any one of these will bring you to a page that goes over all of those references in detail (with pictures. See? Fun).

Pretty simple. In short, you can get to all the information you need from your SEASON button.


Clicking this, or any of the drop-down options, will bring you to category-specific pages. Simply choose what category it is you'd like to read about, select your season, episode, and boom. Instant information. (Fun fact: it's the same as clicking on any of the categories in your episode guide. They all lead to the same place).


Now, here's where it gets a little tricky. Tricky because in order to access the Ultimate Glossary (which is every. single. definition in all of the seasons combined + their affiliated episode links on every. single. definition), you have to subscribe. And by subscribe, I mean financially support me in buying me a cup of coffee because damn it, this took a lot of work and time and dedication and if I'm being completely honest, caffeine plays a necessary role in the continuation of this page AKA I felt that this was a good way to make a little bit of extra money. I'm by no means in the upper class of society, so I gotta do what I can where I can, right? Please don't hate me. Of course, you absolutely do not need to buy the Ultimates collection. Everything is on the episode guides. These are simply every episode's references and definitions combined into one page.


Clicking on the big index word will take you to a page with two options: Categorized and Alphabetized. This is simply whichever way you prefer to look up information. (The drop-downs do the same thing). Now, again, this is a purchase option. It too has links to the episode guides after every reference. Time + hard work + dedication = I needed to put this up for purchase.


Now, if you've read this far, you are more than prepared to dive in and fully enjoy Gilmore Girls and all of their witty pop culture references to an extent not even Lorelai herself would be able to achieve.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time with any corrections, concerns, or comments.

In omnia paratus,


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