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A Gilmore Movie Night: Kill Me Now 1.3

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hello and welcome to an extensive list of all things film related. Cue your inner Gilmore, grab your redvines, poptarts, and twinkies, sit down, relax, and enjoy.

(if you'd like a complete list accompanied by more lists and reviews and everything in between, check out my IMDB page).

The Price is Right (1972)

A game show hosted by Bob Barker until 2007 and Drew Carey thereafter -- features a wide variety of games and contests with the same basic challenge: Guess the prices of everyday (or not-quite-everyday) retail items. Four contestants, all of whom are seated in one of the wildest audiences in daytime game-show history, are called to the stage to play a preliminary pricing round. That winner joins the host on stage for one of more than 70 different pricing games. After three such games, the contestants spin a big wheel -- hoping to get as close to $1 as possible -- in the "Showcase Showdown." The two highest winners of that round advance to the final, where prizes could be cars or roomful of furniture. A trio of models presents the prizes. I wonder if you actually get these prizes after everything is taxed.

You're in Love, Charlie Brown (1967)

The cutest little show / movie, this is the fourth prime-time animated television special based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. It originally aired on CBS on June 12, 1967. This was the second non-holiday-oriented Peanuts special, following Charlie Brown's All-Stars.

The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie (1981)

This animated compilation features various short films starring Bugs Bunny, who also appears as the host between segments. Among the movie's highlights are the acclaimed "Knighty Knight Bugs," which finds the mischievous rabbit tormenting the ornery Yosemite Sam in the era of King Arthur, and "The Unmentionables," which presents Bugs facing off against the pint-sized gangster Rocky and his dim crony, Mugsy. Other characters that turn up in the collection include Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. Pepe le Pew, the character, not Michel, appears in this movie. Although, Michel is quite the character.

Peyton Place (1957)

Ooo, sounds spooky. It’s a 1957 American drama film directed by Mark Robson that stars Lana Turner, Hope Lange, Lee Philips, Lloyd Nolan, Diane Varsi, Arthur Kennedy, Russ Tamblyn, and Terry Moore. It follows numerous residents of a small fictional New England mill town in the years surrounding World War II, where scandal, homicide, suicide, incest, and moral hypocrisy belie its tranquil façade. It is based on the bestselling 1956 novel of the same name by Grace Metalious.

Peyton Place (1964 - 1969)

In case the movie wasn’t enough for you, they also made a TV show out of it. This American prime-time soap opera which aired on ABC in half-hour episodes from September 15, 1964, to June 2, 1969, is loosely based upon the 1956 novel of the same name by Grace Metalious. As mentioned before, the series was preceded by the 1957 film adaptation.

I appreciate you reading this far. If you're enjoying yourself, feel free to continue onto the next episode. No rules here. This is a fun space.

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